Patch 1.26 Notes
Release time | 2021-01-24

Strike Royale will initiate all-server offline maintenance from 2021.1.25 11:00 PM-2021.1.26 11:00 AM (UTC+8) for the new version update.

Note: Subsequent values may be optimized based on version balancing. Please refer to the actual version.

  • Season Update
  • New Mode - Unbounded Skirmish
  • New Arcade Mode - Mecha Battle
  • Hero Balance Update
  • New Features and Optimizations
  • New Battlepass
  • Event Update
  • Optimizations and Bug Fixes

Season X5 "Unbounded Warfare" has started. Highest rank reached in season X4 will be carried over.

The new mode - Unbounded Skirmish - is available now in Ranked Match.(Escort mode has been removed.)

  • It is designed based on the Skirmish mode and is more exciting. Kill enemy heroes and occupy the Central Base to earn points. The first team to earn the specified amount of points will win the game. The Central Base opens in the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th minute of the game. Occupying the base will get you points.
  • A new hero level system is also introduced to the battlefield. Players can obtain EXP by defeating enemy heroes, destroying Energy Tanks, and standing at the center of the map. Once you have enough EXP, you can level up (max level is 10). When you reach Lv.2/4/6, you can unlock Talents and select 1 of the two options. Talents can enhance your skills, boost damage dealt, and improve your ability to survive. On the map you can also find neutral resource robots. Destroy them to gain extra buffs. There are 4 kinds of neutral resource robots that provide different buffs.

Grab your friends and join this new battle mode!

Mecha Battle is available in Arcade now

  • Collect mechanical parts, summon Assault Mechas, and destroy the enemy's Central Mecha to win the game! There are two stages - the collecting stage, and the attacking stage.
  • Collecting Stage: During this stage, you have to collect mechanical parts that will be uploaded later. When a player is killed, all the mechanical parts he/she is carrying are dropped.
  • Attacking Stage: Once the collecting stage is over, players will enter the attacking stage. The side with more mechanical parts will be able to activate the Assault Mecha, and each mechanical part collected can provide a extra buff for the Assault Mecha. The Assault Mecha will head towards the enemy Central Mecha and attack it. Your team will lose the game once your Central Mecha's HP reaches 0.

Grab your friends and battle together!



  • Base attack power has been reduced from 120 to 105


  • HP has been reduced from 3300 to 3150
  • The CD of Sousuke's skill Breeze Roar has been increased from 8s to 10s


  • Mary's shooting speed has been reduced from 100 to 90
  • Her magazine capacity has been reduced from 6 to 5
  • Her basic attack power has been reduced from 500 to 480


  • The damage of Zoe's chargeable weapon has been reduced from 0.6 times to 0.54 times (damage of her golden weapon and ultimate weapon are simultaneously reduced by 10%)
  • The charging speed of her Ultimate has been reduced from 1% per 110 damage to 1% per 130 damage

Yunna Song

  • The damage of H.A.K.U.M.A.N. Turret's normal attack has been reduced from 1x weapon damage to 0.85x weapon damage
  • The base HP of H.A.K.U.M.A.N. has been reduced from 2700 to 2400; the bonus provided by Yunna's HP has been reduced from 0.9 to 0.8 (the HP of the Ultimate has also been reduced proportionally)


  • Elena's attack power has been reduced from 600 to 570



  • Lily's base attack power has been increased from 525 to 550
  • Lily's base HP has been increased from 3300 to 3400


  • Kent's base HP has been increased from 4600 to 4900
  • The effective range of Kent's attack has been increased by 1m; the spreading angle at the farthest distance remains the same


  • Phil's base attack power has been increased from 550 to 610
  • The radius of Phil's bullets has been increased from 0.6 to 0.8


  • Ying's base attack power has been increased from 90 to 100
  • Ying's movement speed has been increased from 4.7 to 5


  • Rufina's base attack power has been increased from 170 to 185

  1. The new Shop is available, with an optimized Recommendations Page and Exchange Center.
  2. Added the customized avatar feature; players can upload pictures as their avatars now.
  3. Enabled the Photo feature on the profile page; players can now upload and display photos.
  4. Added Skin display and illustration display on the Hero home page.
  5. Optimized the battle results page and added a Like feature; also added Honor Map to record all the highlights in each battle.
  6. Enabled offline chat records.

February Battlepass is coming soon

  • Purchase the Advanced Pass to obtain exclusive Spring Festival themed Avatar and Avatar Frame, exclusive Zeth Skin, and other rewards. Meanwhile, in February Battlepass, there will be two more items on the basis of the original rewards: Rank Protection Card and Diamond Voucher.

Unbounded Skirmish (26/01/2021 - 08/02/2021)

  • New Challenges available. Complete the daily Challenges during the event to obtain exclusive marks and use them to redeem wonderful rewards!
  • Unbounded Skirmish Redemption Event. During the event, use the exclusive marks to redeem exclusive Unbounded Skirmish Avatar Frame.

Mecha Camp (30/01/2021 - 21/02/2021)

  • Join Mecha Battle and complete the corresponding quests to obtain resources (Coupons, Core Materials) and Energy Stars. Accumulate 20 Energy Stars each week to get weekly rewards (Ultimate Weapon Shard, Weapon Draw Voucher, etc.). Accumulate 60 Energy Stars in 4 weeks to get the ultimate prize (Zoe Skin - Heavenly Light).

Battle Eve (30/01/2021 - 20/01/2021)

  • During the event, battle rewards are doubled and players will have one defeat protection and double rank points for the first victory each week. Complete quests of Ranked Match to obtain lots of Weapon Draw Vouchers and Ultimate Weapon Draw Vouchers!
  • Join Ranked Match during the event for a chance of getting Advanced Skin/Core Redemption Voucher. You can use it to redeem a permanent Skin or Luxury Core Selection Pack in Events!

New Weekly/Monthly Card Items

  • Added Hero Promotion Weekly/Monthly Cards (which can get you Hero Energy and Promotion Medals) and new items of Weekly/Monthly Coupon Cards. Purchase them to get up to 10 times rebate.

Accumulated Recharge Event Update

  • Added Accumulated Recharge. Recharge a certain amount of Diamonds to obtain an exclusive Avatar Frame, Bubble Frame, and Skin (Carter - Shadow Agent, Apache - Chrono Chakram)!

Optimized the First Recharge Event

  • Recharge for the first time to get Sousuke. Recharge 150 Diamonds to get Sousuke Skin - Harajuku Style!

Optimizations of movement judgment logic: optimized the performance of moving, jumping walls, etc.