Patch 12.15 Notes
Release time | 2020-12-15

Strike Royale will initiate all-server offline maintenance from 2020.12.14 11:00 PM-2020.12.15 11:00 AM (UTC+8) for the new version update.

Note: Subsequent values may be optimized based on version balancing. Please refer to the actual version.

  • Adjusted Hero Balance
  • New Skin
  • Battle Performance Optimization
  • Gameplay Adjustment and Optimization



  • William's base magazine capacity is reduced from 13 to 11 (capacity after level 3 is reduced from 17 to 15)
  • William's base HP is reduced from 5355 to 5100
  • William's normal skill no longer takes effect when hitting the base in Sabotage


  • Othon’s base HP is reduced from 4675 to 4450, and his base Shield is reduced by the same amount


  • Loki's base HP is reduced from 5100 to 4900


  • Avril's base Attack Power is reduced from 950 to 860, and the explosion range of her Ultimate is modified from 5 to 3


  • Apache's base Attack Power is reduced from 570 to 540


  • Sousuke's base Attack Power is reduced from 1100 to 1050


  • Zoe's HP is reduced from 3400 to 3200


  • The highest damage level of Ryan's Reverse Gravity is reduced from 2.5 to 2 times



  • Oleg's base HP is increased from 3700 to 3900
  • Suppressive Fire CD is reduced from 12s to 4s, and turns to 2s when having the special attribute
  • The effective range of Suppressive Fire is increased from 18m to 20m


  • Kent's base Attack Power is increased from 150 to 170


  • Zeth's base Reload Time is reduced from 1.6s to 1.5s (originally reduced from 2s to 1.6s)


  • Joe's base Attack Power is increased from 200 to 220

  • Sanosuke Skin - Space Hunter Available Now

  • Optimized the shadows of the grass to be translucent and made the grass look more natural
  • Added visual effects for going in and out of bushes, and optimized grass fluttering effects
  • Optimized the matching degree of grass and terrain in some maps
  • Optimized the UI in Extreme Battle

  • Added Road to Glory

  • Added Squad

  • Added Spectator mode
  • Added voice guides in combat
  • Added a quick link to obtaining materials on the top of home page
  • The avatars of non-teammates can be hidden now for players in Diamond tier and above
  • Added a new tier - Stellar which comes after Diamond
  • Adjusted the lowest hero level required for the following tiers: Diamond - Lv.3, Resplendent - Lv.5, Legendary - Lv.8; players in those tiers must have at least 3 heroes at the required level or above to start matching
  • Adjusted the matching method of Extreme Battle: matching will be based on rank points and Extreme Battle also generates rank points now
  • Optimized the teaming system: players can invite friends in the team and recently matched players
  • Adjusted hero upgrade cost and material conversion

1.Reduced the cost of hero upgrade, as shown below

2.Advanced promotion medals that are not consumed can now be converted into promotion medals at a ratio of 3:1