Patch 10.29 Notes
Release time | 2020-10-28

Strike Royale will initiate all-server offline maintenance from 2020.10.28 11:00 PM-2020.10.29 10:00 AM (UTC+8) for the new version update.

Note: Subsequent values may be optimized based on version balancing. Please refer to the actual version.

  • New Hero & New Skin
  • New Features
  • Feature Adjustments
  • Hero Adjustments
  • Adjusted Tactical Gadgets
  • Core Adjustments
  • Mode Adjustments
  • Map Adjustments
  • Combat Interface Adjustments
  • Other Adjustments

Wheel of Fortune Exclusive Hero: Ryan is Available Now

Description: Ryan, obviously this is not his real name. As a Tank hero, Ryan is skilled at mid-range combat, and has great survival and control abilities. Once the enemies are within his effective range, no one can escape his bombing.

Ryan's Weapon & Skills:

  • Weapon - Breath of the Abyss: Launches Gravity Cannonball to the designated location, and accumulates one block of energy each time it hits the enemy. When the energy is full, the next attack will turn into Enhanced Attack. The projectile shells will split into 4 small gravity bombs when landing, adding gravity effect to the targets and greatly slowing them. Their movement speed will gradually recover for the duration of the effect.
  • Normal Skill - Reverse Gravity: Ryan continuously charges, creating a small force field in front of himself, which will absorb all flying objects. When using the skill, all absorbed damage will be converted into energy shots and cast in the specified direction, dealing damage to enemies on the route and adding gravity effect to them and also charging the weapon. The more damage it absorbs, the more it will deal in the counterattack, and the more weapon charge Ryan will get.
  • Ultimate Skill - Anti-Gravity Abyss: Ryan continuously charges, generating a continuously expanding anti-gravity field surrounding himself; when released, it will pull the enemies into the air, leave them stuck there briefly, and then throw them back to the ground and cause damage. The longer it's charged, the longer the enemies will stay in the air, and the more damage it will deal.


  • Weapon Attribute - Enhanced Blade: Weapon Damage +20
  • Skill Attribute - Reverse Gravity: Reverse Gravity CD reduces by 2s
  • Ultimate Attribute - Anti-Gravity Abyss:The expansion speed of the anti-gravity area generated by Anti-Gravity Abyss increases by 30%

Recommended Tactical Gadget & Chips:

  • Tactical Gadget: Time Speed-Up is recommended as it can refresh normal skill and help Ryan continuously absorb enemy's attack
  • Chips/Cores: Chips including Strike, Revival, Awaken are recommended; Cores including Stoneheart, Reaper, Predator are suitable for Ryan

Avril Skin: Halloween Thrills is Out

New Features

  • Added Team Chat
  • Added Team Invitation in Chat
  • Added Chat in different languages
  • Added Wheel of Fortune
  • Players can now select weapon before combat
  • Added Avatar Frame
  • Added Hero Shard Redemption Shop

Feature Adjustments

  • Battlepass is purchased using diamonds now
  • Optimized the home page
  • Revamped Weapon Supply: Players now can select a target weapon and draw that specific weapon

Hero Adjustments

Bella - Combat mechanism adjusted

  • Bella's normal skill has been replaced by Quantum Rewind. Once activated, it will take her back to her position 3s ago and restore 25% of her max HP.
  • New Lv.5 attribute of Bella: Quantum Rewind CD reduces by 2s

Ying - Combat mechanism adjusted

  • Skill 3 is changed into Skill 2
  • New Skill: Well Balanced. Ying controls the assist robot "Hotpot" and switches between the attack and defense mode.
  • Switching to defense mode: it deals AoE Damage around itself; if the mech energy is full, the damage range and volume increase additionally by 50%
  • Switching to attack mode: it adds a shield to Ying; if the mech energy is full, it will Knock Up surrounding enemy heroes
  • New Passive Skill: Ying accumulates energy when dealing damage in the attack mode or taking damage in the defense mode

Zoe - Combat mechanism adjusted

  • Skill 3 is changed into skill 2 as Fire Coordinator has been removed and only Weapon Switch is kept
  • Drag the joystick to cast Zoe's Ultimate now instead of tapping the screen

Adjusted Tactical Gadgets

  • New Defense Amplifier: Gain a shield and reduce damage taken by 40% for 2.5s
  • New Biomass Refiner: Absorbs the vitality of the grass around you and transforms it into your own HP
  • Modified the SFX of Quantum Space
  • Modified the effect of UAV scanner; it can reveal enemy's sight for 5s
  • Removed Flashbang, Incendiary Bomb, Mine, EMP, and Railgun
  • The barrier will be placed in front of the hero now and players cannot select the direction

Core Adjustments

Bull Rush

  • After using shift skills, damage increases by N% for 2s. This effect cannot be triggered again in 5s.
  • Damage increased for Lv.1-5 are 6%, 7.5%, 9%, 10.5%, 12%, respectively


  • The duration of Control and Slow effect received decreases by N%
  • The effects for Lv.1-5 are 15%, 18.75%, 22.5%, 26.25%, 30%, respectively

Mode Adjustments


  • A countdown will be displayed on the minimap 10s before the Central Base opens
  • The Central Base does not close now if occupied by any player


  • A countdown will be displayed on the minimap 10s before the Uploader opens
  • The Uploader does not close now if occupied by any player
  • Enlarged the area where players can pick up Refrained Energy


  • "Current HP/Total HP" of the Power Nexus will be displayed on the scoreboard
  • The protection mode for the Power Nexus can only be triggered 2 times now (originally 3), when there are 20% and 55% HP left, respectively

Map Adjustments

  • Skirmish - "Outpost Crimson" modified
  • Skirmish - "Jade Research Center" revamped
  • Sabotage - "Cairn Tavern": the location of Power Nexus has been changed
  • Rogue - "Deep Sea Base" revamped
  • Escort - "Lost City" modified
  • Escort - "Skyline Hub" modified

Combat Interface Adjustments

  • Modified the display of bush and added interaction effect between bullets and bush
  • Modified the display of Health Pack
  • Modified the display of walls getting destroyed

  • The reload button has been removed from all weapons, and the automatic reload time is the same as that when all bullets have been fired
  • Optimized the left joystick to improve gaming experience