Patch 9.11 Notes
Release time | 2020-09-10

Strike Royale will initiate all-server offline maintenance from 2020.09.11 02:00 AM - 04:00 AM (UTC+8) for the update.

Avril [Weakened]

What's Changed: The actual explosion radius of Avril’s bullet is different from the visual effects. When fighting Avril, sometimes it seems that you have not been hit but actually suffer explosion damage. Therefore, we have adjusted its explosion radius in hopes of optimizing the battle experience with Avril.

  • Reduced the explosion radius of Avril's bullets from 2 to 1.7, and reduced the explosion radius of the enhanced bullets from 3 to 2.5

Bella [Enhanced]

What's Changed: After adjusting Bella's weapon, her ability to shift was weakened, but her frontal combat capability was not reciprocally improved. Therefore, we have comprehensively strengthened Bella's damage and survivability.

  • Magazine expanded from 4 bullets to 5 bullets
  • Effective range increased from 8 to 9
  • Base HP increased from 3800 to 4000, damage increased from 120 to 125
  • Ultimate damage increased from 125 to 200

Sousuke [Weakened]

What's Changed: Sousuke's split arrows are very likely to hit the enemies in maps with lots of walls, and the damage of all three split arrows is easy to kill the target with various bonuses. Sometimes the opponents might not even have time to respond. So we have reduced the damage of the split arrows to better match the difficulty of hitting. In the Sabotage map, Sousuke can defend while dealing considerable damage to the opponent's base from any point of the map. In combat, the damage of his ultimate does not decay, and the intervals between continuous damage are too short, which also makes it hard for other players to react in such short time. In addition, although Sousuke has no shift skills, his normal skill is even better for self-protection than the shift skills of other shooter heroes. Having the same movement speed as the melee assassin earlier was also unreasonable.

  • The damage of the rebound split arrow is changed from 0.65 attack power per arrow to 0.75 for the first split arrow, and 0.375 for each subsequent arrow.
  • The second and subsequent damages of Sousuke's ultimate are modified to 50% of the first stage, and the damage interval is increased from 0.25s to 0.33s
  • Movement speed reduced from 5.2 to 5

Darwin [Weakened]

What's Changed: As a pitcher, Darwin was adjusted towards a shooter hero in this version, and his ability to deal damage was greatly improved. But due to the high fire rate and bullet speed, Darwin basically does not need to aim in actual combat, and can rely on auto-aim to deal a huge amount of damage. If we look at the composition of Darwin's damage, the total damage caused by a bullet is lower than the stacked poison damage, which is not what we expected. Therefore, we have adjusted the number of poison stacks to achieve the expectation that poison damage would be slightly lower than bullet damage, and we have adjusted the fire rate and bullet speed, rendering the aiming difficulty similar to other shooter heroes. In addition, since the shooter heroes can deal damage from afar, Darwin's HP has also been fine-tuned.

  • The damage of the normal poison attack has been changed from "maximum 3 stacks, 100, 200, 300 damage for each stack" to "maximum 4 stacks, 75, 150, 225, 300 damage for each stack"
  • Bullet Speed is reduced from 100 to 91, that is, the fire interval is increased from 0.6s/time to 0.66s/time
  • HP reduced from 3400 to 3100
  • The fire rate of normal attack is reduced from 20 to 16

Sanosuke [Weakened]

What's Changed: Currently it's relatively difficult to counter Sanosuke's attack. Other than a set of excessive damage, the darts with a short CD of 4 seconds can be released multiple times in a team battle, which also makes it impossible for other shooter heroes to dodge or escape. Therefore, we slightly reduced Sanosuke's damage ability, and at the same time increased the CD of the darts, so that it is still powerful in the battlefield, but it will not be impossible to counteract.

  • Sanosuke's dart CD increased from 4s to 6s
  • Attack power reduced from 300 to 280 (normal attack power is reduced from 300 to 280, and other damage is reduced proportionally)

Alice [Enhanced]

What's Changed: As a shooter hero with assist abilities, Alice's assist ability cannot make up for her disadvantage in dealing damage, so we have strengthened Alice's damage output ability.

  • Basic weapon damage increased from 600 to 660, and the damage of other skills increased by 10% simultaneously

Joe [Enhanced]

What's Changed: After adjusting Joe from a shooter hero to a fighter hero, the expected goal was not achieved. The effective range was too short and it's easy to be poked by long-range shooter heroes, and in melee combat he still could not quick kill an enemy with his attack power. Therefore, we have greatly increased the damage of his ultimate, and slightly increased the effective range to make him more comprehensive in close and melee combat. Even if the normal skill is not enough to kill an enemy, he can still rely on the ultimate to deal damage and achieve kills.

  • Effective range increased from 8 to 10
  • Normal attack damage increased from 200 to 220
  • Ultimate damage increased from 1000 to 1760

Loki [Enhanced]

What's Changed: Currently it's difficult for Loki to take initiatives in the battle, especially when he can't use the ultimate. Therefore, we have increased the charge speed of Loki's ultimate so that he has more opportunities to attack.

  • The speed of ultimate charge increased by 20% (ie, "1% charge per 80 damage" is reduced to "1% charge per 67 damage")

Othon [Enhanced]

What's Changed: As a tank hero with a relatively poor ability to deal damage, Othon often fails to use his ultimate in a match, and when he can't use his ultimate, Othon can only take damage. Therefore, we have greatly increased the charge speed of Othon's ultimate to make him more active on the battlefield.

  • The speed of ultimate charge increased by 20% (ie, "1% charge per 80 damage" is reduced to "1% charge per 67 damage")
  • The ultimate charge speed over time increased from 0.5% per second to 1% per second

William [Weakened]

What's Changed: As a tank hero with shift skill and high HP, William had a unique advantage over other tank heroes in Sabotage and other modes. Therefore, we slightly adjusted William's HP.

  • Base HP decreased from 6600 to 6300

Yunna Song [Weakened]

What's Changed: With her skills and chips, Yunna Song could cast the small robots and her ultimate much more frequently than expected. When fighting against Yunna, it often happened that one robot was killed but the second robot was released. The high values of the small robot also makes it difficult for heroes with low damage to counter. Therefore, we adjusted the values related to Yunna's robot in general to better balance the gaming experience.

  • The speed of ultimate charge decreased by 10% ("1% charge per 110 damage" is changed to "1% charge per 130 damage")
  • The HP of the small robot is reduced by 10% (the base HP is reduced from 3000 to 2700, and the HP bonus from Yunna Song is also reduced by 10%)
  • All damage of the small robot is reduced by 10% (Normal attack damage is reduced from 1.1 times Yunna Song's attack power to 1 time, and enhanced normal attack is reduced from 5 times to 4.5 times)
  • Skill CD increased by 2 seconds, from 12s to 14s

Kyo Kusanagi [Weakened]

What's Changed: Kusanagi Kyo's skill 1 "Shift" can help him get past walls, and it is easy to approach the opponent's base in the Sabotage mode, and the long shift distance makes it difficult for other shooter heroes to counteract. Therefore, we shortened the shift distance of Kyo Kusanagi to better balance his ability.

  • The first shift distance of his normal skill decreased from 12 meters to 9 meters

Sophie [Enhanced]

What's Changed: Sophie is currently quite weak. She often can't fight well in a melee combat, while getting poked by shooter heroes in a ranged combat. So we strengthened her in general.

  • HP increased from 3800 to 4000, basic attack increased from 240 to 250

Kent [Weakened]

What's Changed: Kent's multi-stage shift skill allows him great mobility in Sabotage and Rogue modes that other heroes can hardly match. But multi-stage shift is also a major feature of Kent, so we have increased the charge time of his first skill, and it will require more time and judgement to make the use of the shift skill.

  • Skill 1, the base CD for each charge is increased from 7s to 10s

What's Changed: After weakening Time Speed-Up, its CD was too long, and it could not be used as much as other tactical gadgets. We hope that the average number of uses per game can be increased by 1 to 2 times, so we reduced its CD. Nano Blade allows too many initial uses, making it more useful for dealing damage in Sabotage mode in addition to achieving kills, which is far from the expectation that it was to be used in melee combat to deal extra damage, so we reduced its initial uses so as to be aligned with other tactical gadgets.


Time Speed-Up CD reduced from 80s to 60s


The initial uses of Nano Blade decreased from 5 to 3

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