Patch 7.08 Notes
Release time | 2020-07-07

Strike Royale will initiate all-server offline maintenance from 2020.07.08 10:00-14:00 (UTC+8) for the new version update.

  • New Hero - Ying will be released on July 15, with discount available during the first week (7.15-7.21)

  • Newly Added Event: 7-Day Battlefield Challenge (7.8-7.14). Login to complete the missions and win rich rewards!
  • Newly Added Event: Ying's Special Training (7.15-7.21). Complete the mission with the new hero Ying to win wonderful gifts!
  • Newly Added Event: Gem Marauder (7.15-7.28). Collect Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald during the event to redeem them for exclusive rewards!

  • In New Star Plan, the Shard Redeem feature is added in Hero Selection Pack

  • Fixed the error in counting damage and wins of Extreme Battle in Daily Mission
  • Fixed the error that led to abnormal display of HP bar in the Escort mode