Patch 6.17 Notes
Release time | 2020-06-17

Strike Royale will initiate all-server offline maintenance from 2020.06.16 23:00- 2020.06.17 11:00 (UTC+8) for the new 0.678.1.0 version update.

Dear players,

Sorry for keeping everyone waiting! Thank you for your continued support of Strike Royale and your patience. After a long wait, we'll be releasing the all-new version and entering the new season!

The new version contains new modes, heroes, skins, weapons, an all-new main interface, new hero interface style; new version of the Elite Competition, new Active Talents, hero upgrade and other functions and other gameplay systems to make the game more strategic! We'll continue to launch new heroes, skins and great events. We hope everyone enjoys the new season!

Thank you everyone for your company, and we'll see you in in Asgard on June 17th!

——Strike Royale Development Team

Note: Subsequent values may be optimized based on version balancing. Please refer to the actual version.

  • New hero Sanosuke, related Skins and events available
  • Avril art upgrade
  • New Battle Royale mode available
  • Adjusted Cooperation mode available
  • Multiple mode optimizations & entertainment mode returns
  • Multiple new systems, including the Chip system, Tactical Gadget system, Faction system, and New Star's Plan system
  • Optimized Invitation system available
  • Champions League (originally the Elite Competition) comes online
  • New season update & Season Pass optimization comes online
  • Currency system adjustment
  • Hero cultivation system adjustment
  • New newbie hero discounts
  • New Hero Trial Card function
  • New Code Exchange function
  • New notch screen UI optimization function
  • Vietnamese added

Sanosuke is a ninja from the Warrior Spirit faction. He moves with the wind, and is a classic Invader hero. He has strong stun and combos, and can even stop enemies bullets. He's a nightmare for Attacker and Support heroes!

Weapon, Skill introduction

  • Weapon - Dragon Blade: Waves the Dragon Blade to deal damage to targets within range. The blade charges energy as time passes. When the energy is full,teleports behind the target in the next attack and knocks it back, dealing AoE Damage and reducing the Speed of all targets within range
  • Normal Skill -Shuriken: Throws a shuriken to block bullets, dealing damage to enemies on the route and reducing their Speed. When the shuriken hits an enemy, Dragon Blade will gain full energy
  • Ultimate - Dragon Blade: Dashes in a specified direction and carries the target into the air, during which Sanosuke is immune to damage and control. When landing on the ground, it deals AoE Damage to nearby enemies. The less HP the target has, the higher damage it takes

Special Attributes

  • Weapon Attribute - Enhanced Bullet: Weapon Damage +20
  • Ability Attribute - Ninja Essense: Shuriken Damage +50
  • Ultimate Attribute - Invincible Ultimate:Use Dragon Blade to defeat an enemy to recover 30% of max HP

Tactical Gadget & Chip Recommendations

  • Tactical Gadgets: Use EMP to Silence targets when getting close
  • Chip/Core: Recommended Chips - Strike, Rapid, Sharpen ;Recommended Cores - Thrill, Foxhound, Peace Walker

Sanosuke Event Arrives

  • Sanosuke Pack Discount Event: 16/06 ~ 24/06/2020 limited-time 20% off Sanosuke+Ghost Stealth Pack
  • Sanosuke Activity Event: 16/06 ~ 24/06/2020 Limited-time Ninja Training Event. Use Sanosuke to complete quests and earn great rewards

All-new Avril art design comes online!

The new Battle Royale mode is a PvP mode with 10 participants. Experience the thrill of avoiding the poisonous circle and the excitement of players fighting for themselves in close quarters.

Core Gameplay Introduction

  • Each match contains 10 participants, and all players will be assigned to random spawn points and fight for themselves. Your only goal is to survive until the end. Once you die, you will have lost the match. You can choose to quit or watch the player that defeated you
  • Poison Circle: 30 seconds after the battle starts the poison circle will begin to spread from the outside of the map towards the center. 150 seconds after it appears, it will cover the whole map. Players in the poison circle will receive 500 points of damage per second
  • Energy Tanks: Once battle begins, several single-use Energy Tanks will spawn on the map. Destroying these tanks and picking up the Energy Packs will increase your max HP and Attack Power. Players will also drop Energy Packs when they are defeated. The more they hold, the more they will drop
  • Battle Royale has it's own points and ranking


  • Close-range heroes will have an advantage in this mode
  • Try to avoid combat at the start of the match, and collect Energy Packs to increase your Combat Power
  • U-se the terrain effectively to avoid being surrounded

As SR's main PVE play style,we've optimized Cooperative Mode in this new version and added many new elements. The new version's mode will have three optional difficulties: Casual, Hardcore and Mutant, and added new content will make battles more exciting!

Mutant Factor

  • In Mutant difficulty, Mutant Factors will appear during the match. These will strengthen monsters and players, such as causing explosion damage when monsters die or doubling the initial clip capacity of players. Mutant Factors refresh randomly each week

Other changes

  • Monsters and heroes have been strengthened in Hardcore and Mutant modes
  • Gold dropped in Hardcore and Mutant mode significantly increased
  • Monsters have a certain chance to drop powerful buffs such as short-term Invincibility in Hardcore and Mutant modes
  • Added mode-exclusive weekly quest rewards


  • Gold can be used to increase your combat power quickly. Don't forget to periodically upgrade
  • Try to choose heroes that can deal AoE damage
  • Cooperate with teammates and avoid fighting separately

  • [Sabotage] mode's "Nexus (Core)" overload mechanism added. Attack the Nexus to trigger an overload causing additional damage
  • [Escort] mode map - Skyline Hub comes online. Map - Polar Fortress taken offline
  • [Unleash, Eye for Eye & The Big Gundown] entertainment modes return

You can experience a new, easy to use but extremely content-rich custom cultivated Chip system. The Chip system is divided into two parts: the Chip and the Core. Equipping them can improve a hero's attributes and give the hero a variety of powerful passive effects!

Chip Introduction

  • Chips come in Red, Yellow and Blue. Each color has 9 different Chip types and 10 slots. Equipping Chips can increase 11 different hero attributes such as HP and Movement Speed. Each level upgrade unlocks a Chip slot, and you can use Chip Materials to upgrade Chips to the max Lv.5 to enhance the Chip's power

Core Introduction

  • Cores are extremely powerful advanced Chips. There are a total of 20 Cores and 3 available slots. Equipping Cores can grant heroes special passive effects such as gaining HP on an assist. You can use Core Materials to upgrade Cores to the max Lv.5 to enhance the Core's power. Match Cores and heroes strategically to greatly increase a hero's power!

Chip, Core, Upgrade Material Obtain Methods

  • Unlocking the Chip system automatically grants all the Lv.1 Chips. Cores and the materials needed to upgrade Chips can be obtained by spending Coupons on Chip Draw in the Chip system, or through a free draw chance once every two days

Chip Page

  • There are a total of 30 Chip Pages to create specific sets for all your heroes. Chip Pages can be purchased using Coupons.


  • We've also provided "Auto-Remove" and "Auto-upgrade" buttons. Auto-upgrade will upgrade all possible chips, with priority given to low level Chips.
  • Since the Chip system has just been launched and is packed with content, we will also provide all hero's Chip and Core recommendations, which you can view and use directly in the Chip system

We've removed the original Active Talents and designed a new Tactical Gadget system. You can unlock a variety of Tactical Gadgets as your account level rises, and freely combine them with any hero. Matching the right Gadgets with a hero can increase their combat effectiveness!

The Faction system is a new system design based on Strike Royale's background story. It is mainly composed of three parts: Personal Proficiency of Heroes (original hero proficiency) + faction proficiency + total proficiency of heroes. Here you can not only unlock and experience the rich stories of different factions and heroes, but also obtain lots of amazing rewards by improving your heroes, faction and total overall proficiency!

Hero Personal Proficiency

  • Participating in matches increases the Hero Proficiency, and accumulating a certain amount can increase the Personal Proficiency level of heroes. Each level of increase grants the corresponding rewards, including Chip Materials, core Materials, Weapon Supply Vouchers, and Hero Avatar and Master Avatars

Faction Proficiency

  • By improving the Personal Proficiency of heroes, you also improve the corresponding Faction Proficiency. When you reach certain levels of Faction Proficiency, you'll receive the corresponding rewards, including Coupons and Faction Avatars

Hero Total Proficiency

  • By improving heroes Personal Proficiency, you also improve Hero Total Proficiency. When you reach certain levels of Hero Total Proficiency, you can obtain the corresponding rewards, including Invitation Production Bonuses, Coupons, Core Supply Crates, Core Energy Crates and Weapon Shards


  • The lower the Hero Proficiency level, the quicker it increases, and the more efficiently rewards can be obtained. Don't focus on one or two specific heroes, experience as many heroes as possible!

We have fully optimized the Novice Login event and Carnival event and integrated them into a New Star's Plan system.

Total optimization of the Invitation system. Bonuses have been adjusted, reward claiming is more convenient, and animations smoother.

To improve players experience in pursuit of competition and honor, a newly revised and improved version of the Elite Competition has been created. The new version will be called the Champions League. The scoring system has become a ranking system, and a cool new UI has been implemented. Everyone will feel a stronger sense of competition, honor and ceremony!

Honor mechanism introduction

  • The score mechanism will be adjusted to the ranking mechanism, and the overall display will be cooler. The Champions League is currently divided into 7 ranks - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Resplendent and Legendary. Except Legendary, each rank also has 3-5 smaller ranks, while Legendary is distinguished by the number of Gems.

Related changes

  • Increased level limit for Champions League. It now requires 4 or more Lv.3 heroes, and after reaching Diamond rank all deployed heroes must be Lv.3 or greater
  • Added personal performance rewards mechanism. Players who perform well in the Champions League personal performance rewards.

We've made optimizations to the new season's Season Pass, giving it a much cooler feel overall. We've also added the new Season Tokens, which can be used across seasons, and added unlock levels to certain items in the exchange store

Season Pass Rewards

  • The Season Pass rewards are divided into standard and advanced as before. You can get some great rewards by leveling up your Season Pass. Of course, you can get extra rewards by purchasing the Advanced Pass. The standard version contains a large number of Materials, Coupons and even permanent heroes and skin rewards; while the advanced version offers even more rewards on top of the standard and three permanent skin rewards, including the closed beta limited skin Alice - Innocent Love

Closed Beta Limited Skin - Alice Innocent Love (Advanced Pass Exclusive Reward)

  • Players who've purchased the Advanced Pass in this or previous Seasons can the limited skin in the mail in the next season

In order to make battling, hero play styles and growth more strategic and interesting, we have added some interesting new systems. We will also adjust the upgrading of heroes. Of course, the corresponding monetary systems will also be adjusted

Currency System and Hero Purchase System Adjustments

  • We have added a new "Coupons" currency, which will be mainly used for purchases in the new version's Chip system and for some heroes and items
  • Hero purchases have been adjusted from Hero Shards/Diamonds to Gold/Diamonds/Coupons
  • Hero upgrade costs have been adjusted from Gold + Hero Energy/Universal Hero Energy to Hero Energy + Promotion Medal/Advanced Promotion Medals

New hero upgrade effects and cost table

Hero level reset compensation

  • To provide a better game experience in the new version we will reset the hero levels of all players and return enough compensation in resources to raise the heroes to a higher level than their originals! The specific return rules are as follows:

Currency & resource conversion return

  • All unused Gold, Hero Energy, Universal Hero Energy and Hero Shards in your backpack will be converted into the new currency or resources at the following rate (less than 1000 will be converted at a proportion):

New novice hero discounts added to the store. New players can purchase the specified heroes at a big discount.

Experience heroes you don't own without the need to pay.

Take part in official events to get exchange codes, which can be exchanged for great rewards!